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More than a pretty picture
Functional 3D Models
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Our 3D models can be used in a variety of ways from sharing visuasl with clients to planning in AutoCad
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More than a pretty picture
Functional 3D Models
Whether you want astonishing visuals for clients or working geometry for AutoCad, our 3D models are the most complete available.
Get down to Business
Bare Earth Modeling
Go beneath the canopy and get the data that means the most you and your team. With our bare earth lidar scans your surface models have never been more complete.
Civil Engineering Compatibility
Real. Usable. Data.
Not all data is the same. We use engineering programs like AutoCad Civil 3D to deliver exactly what you want.
Engage your clients
Captivating Aerial Content
Create an experience with our dramatic camera movement and interactive media content and close more deals.
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Austin Aerial Media is the industry leader in drone surveying, mapping, inspections, and video production.  We service clients in a variety of industries including construction, mining, agriculture, and real estate. Austin Aerial Media offers UAV (drone) services to clients so they may utilize unmanned aerial systems without lengthy training, worrying about FAA compliance, liability, or costly maintenance. We use the most up to date equipment, software, and techniques to deliver an unmatched product, on-time and under budget.


Austin Aerial Media collects the data you need with survey grade precision. Whether you are in the construction, mining, agriculture, or inspection industry, with our proven system we create actionable data saving you both time and money.


    Capture Incredible Photos and Footage Whether you are a film producer, real estate agent, land developer, or anything in between, Austin Aerial Media can provide you with photography or video that once was too expensive to consider.  Traditional aerial photography and video can be a hassle to capture; limitations are all around.  Cranes, […]


“Can’t we just buy our own drone and do this ourselves?” The perceived simplicity of some solutions, especially cloud-based options where one just uploads images and out comes a 3D map has the potential to lead to some very poor and unintended results.


If you are interesting in learning more about UAV services and capabilities, feel free to contact us.  We are available to answer any questions you may have about UAV operations.  Whether it's UAV surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, BIM integration, or just high quality video; we will assist in evaluating your needs and advise on how to implement the correct drone service. Also, browse our site to learn more.


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This Company is top quality. The final product was excellent, the staff was professional and the turn around was quick. Definitely worth it.

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