Healthy Crops Yield More

When it comes to plants, it's no secret that healthy crops have increased yields.  The real secret is knowing how to keep them healthy.  Many growers are already using precision agriculture to increase yields. Drone surveying in agriculture is the next step to further refine precision agriculture.  Infrared and thermal cameras  detect stress on the crops before the naked eye even notices, giving you early insight to make decisions and take action. Austin Aerial Media uses this data to create NDVI and other indices to detect crop stress and variability. Our drones can even produce a stand count to greatly reduce time in the field and increase projection accuracy.



Infrared vs Thermal

Infrared image sensors capture light while thermal sensors capture heat.  The sensor that is used will depend on the data needed.  In general most applications will only require the used of infrared sensors along with another visible band of light.  The plants health can then be determined using this data. Thermal sensors can give a closer look into plant health and field conditions by using heat signals to detect drought and irrigation issues as well as plant over-heating.  All of the data is then ground truthed to determine the correct baselines to product the most accurate data.


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