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Faster More Accurate Data Collection Leads to Big ROI

Austin Aerial Media produces high quality maps with a degree of accuracy to 1cm.  This ensures our clients can design and plan with ease across existing site plans.  These accurate scale orthomosaics allow CAD drawings to be superimposed to monitor accuracy of progress and design. Construction errors can be spotted early before they impact later stages of the build. Our contour maps make elevation planing very easy and when combined with a digital surface model or 3D rendering the data is literally brought to life.  By creating 3D timeline, data collected regularly can show progress on a video timeline to streamline your BIM process.




Monitor your project from all angles with Site View. Site View gives you a birds eye view of project progress and allows you to hover above to look around or rotate your site to have a complete look around your project.

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Data Delivered The Way You Want

Clients can choose to receive orthomosaics, topographic maps, digital surface models (DSM), contour maps, digital terrain models (DTM),  3D models and high definition aerial photos and videos.

Digital Surface Model


Contour Map

3D Rendering